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* All times are in CST (GMT -06:00)

Day Time   Event
Mon 12:30pm - 2pm [--] "Future Jazz" hosted by Mikey Payload.
  2pm - 4pm [--] "The CoRE" Hosted by Illusion & Tera. (Nu Urban Music, UK)
  9pm - 11pm [--] "Philly Element" Hosted by Tags, Fawn and the rest of the PE kru. Bringing you the absolute best in beats, each and every Monday night. (Philadelphia, PA)
Tue 1:30am - 4:00am [--] "Kombat Bass" Hosted by DJ Fents and Fickuss with weekly guest DJ's and MC's. (Australia)
  12pm - 2pm [--] "Junglistic Sistaz Radio" Hosted by DJ SHROOMBAB on the first Tuesday of every month, featuring guest mixes from Junglistic Sistaz around the world.
  2pm - 5pm [--] "XOdusShow" Hosted by DJ XO. (U K)
  5pm - 7pm [--] "Paranoia Show" Hosted By BTK and Spleen with guests. (Brazil)
  10pm - 12am [--] "Hot Spicy Action" Hosted by Carbide of the BassByThePound crew. (Chicago, IL)
Wed 12pm - 2pm [--] "Artillery Reload" Hosted by the Overfiend. Choice mixes hand-picked weekly by the Electronic Warfare crew. (New Brunswick, NJ)
  2pm - 5pm [--] "Belgian Waffles" Hosted by Motion Theory on the first and third Wednesday of each month. (Belgium)
  5pm - 8pm [--] "Warm Radio" hosted by ASC and EHL/Warm Communications bringing you the deeper side of Drum n Bass (Amarillo, TX)
  8pm - 11pm [--] "CHiTOWN UnderGround" Hosted by Zew. Be sure to check out the LIVE WEBCAM! Visit www.bassdrive.com/chitown to view the webcam. (Chicago, IL)
Thu 12pm - 2pm [--] "Strictly Digital" Join Nookie of Strictly Digital on the 1st Thursday of each month. (London, UK)
  2pm - 4pm [--] "Funked Up Radio" Hosted By DFunk & DJ Hyde (UK)
  4pm - 6pm [--] "Just on track" Hosted By DJ Ash-A-Tack (Black Market Records/ Life Records) representing London with all styles of dnb from upfront, old skool, liquid & darkstyle. (UK)
  6pm - 8pm [--] "R:evolution" Hosted by TMPST feat. weekly guests. (Puerto Rico)
  8pm - 11pm [--] "Electronic Warfare" Hosted by The Overfiend featuring guests from NJ/PA/DE/NYC. (New Brunswick, NJ)
Fri 2pm - 3pm [--] "Back2Basics Radio" Hosted by JB and Spice. (UK)
  3pm - 5pm [--] "Third School of Thought" Hosted by The Engineer and Dystopia. (FL)
  5pm - 7pm [--] "THE PLAYAZ LOUNGE" Brought to you every 3rd friday of the month! Hosted by The OUTFIT, Representing V Recordings. (UK)
  8pm - 11pm [--] "CHiTOWN UnderGround" Hosted by Zew. Be sure to check out the LIVE WEBCAM! Visit www.bassdrive.com/chitown to view the webcam. (Chicago, IL)
Sat 11pm - 2pm [--] "SociopathDNBRadio" Join Temulent and Ronin Selecta for your weekly middle finger from the Mitten State. Expect a heavy, hangover-grinding beatdown straight outta Ann Arbor with exclusive tracks, pancakes n' syrup and weekly guests. (Ann Arbor, MI)
  2pm - 4pm [--] "Hangover Hotline" Hosted by Lamebrane. Join Lamebrane as he drops sets that are proven to cure the most wickid hangovers. (Chicago, IL)
  4pm - 6pm [--] " Location SixOneOh" Hosted by Reflect and powered by Dub Kinetics! Guests from Philly and beyond. (Lehigh Valley, PA)
  7pm - 9pm [--] "Rinseout Radio" hosted by tha DJ BuzBlaze [WinnipegJungle.com] featuring rotating guest DJs and MCs from the 204 Junglist Crew. (Winnipeg, Canada)
Sun 9am - 11am [--] "Digital Soundboard" Join Rocdollar as he unleashes his talents in a live digital mix of classic, new and unreleased 320's from across the dnb spectrum. (nottingham, UK)
  11am - 1pm [--] "Outabounds Show" hosted by Dan Blindside. (UK)
  1pm - 3pm [--] "Subtext" hosted by DJ Mattrick (UK) plus occasional special guests. Bringing you the deeper side of DnB every Sunday.
  3pm - 6pm [--] "In The Lab" With rotating residents representing that Drum and Bass sound nationwide, from the 206 to the 215.
  6pm - 9pm [--] "Off The Couch Radio" Hosted by the Deco, Double Nil, and Bombazi, featuring guest DJs from the Atlanta area as well as international guests. (Atlanta, GA, U.S.A.)
  9pm - 11pm [--] "Sonic Evolution" Hosted by Gammah.