Scientific Radio

Scientific Radio

MAV and Mobility

  • Location: Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Show Time: Monday
  • Start: 16:00
  • End: 18:00

SCIENTIFIC RADIO is the monthly 2-hour show hosted bi-monthly by either Scientific Records founder Mav (Utrecht, The Netherlands) or Mobility (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), occasionally supported by guest-mixes from other Scientific Records affiliated producers/DJ’s.

Originally inspired by the mixing skills of LTJ Bukem during the end of the 90ies, Scientific Radio is all about the art of key-mixing. The goal for each show is to create a long 2-hour trip in one particular sub-genre of drum&bass (which can be different each show), in which tracks blend together flawlessly, not only beat-wise but also melody-wise. The DJ’s at Scientific Radio never ‘just play random tracks’. Whether the theme of the evening is atmospheric drum&bass, liquid funk, neurofunk, halfstep/experimental d&b, or any other sub-genre of drum&bass at 170bpm, every show is planned carefully from beginning to end to ensure that maximum listening experience. Expect plenty of 2-3 minute long key-mixes and originality during this show.

MAV - Biography

Mischa van de Bilt was born on the 4th of march 1979 in the small Belgian town of Lokeren. Having lived in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary and finally settling in The Netherlands, Mischa discovered the art of electronic music production at a very young age.

At age 11 he began experimenting with various tracking programs including Modedit, Fasttracker 1 & 2, Madtracker, Buzz, Buze and finally settled on a combination of Renoise and Ableton Live which remain his main tools for creating music to this day. Over the years Mischa has explored a wide variety of genres, including electronic-based styles such as drum&bass, breakbeat, downtempo, techno, (goa) trance, hardcore/rave, (electro) house, dubstep, ambient, but also non-electronic-based styles such as rock, pop, reggae, ska and jazz through various bands he’s played in.

Quick to capitalize on his longtime experience in the electronic dance scene, having already been a founding member of the widely respected tracking-groups/labels Blacktron Music Productions (BMP) and Advance (releasing music globally for free over the internet), Mischa established his own drum&bass imprint called Scientific Records in 1999 (

Somewhere near the end of 2002 Mischa's electronic music career really began to take off as the majority of his demo tracks where quickly snapped up by various labels. Next to Scientific Records, Mav has released music for labels such as Covert Operations (uk), Fokuz (nl), Fokuz LTD (nl), Citrus (nl), Offshore Recordings (usa), Camino Blue Recordings (de), Kos.mos (ru), Warm Communications (usa), Red Mist (uk), Make-Shift (usa) and NOtv.

Next to producing and releasing electronic music by the artist name "Mav", Mischa works as a freelance Audio and Video producer doing custom-made music & remixes, sound design, audio post-production, video shooting & editing for various media such as TV and radio commercials, leaders/bumpers, games, events, film and websites. His clients include BMW, Logica, Mediamarkt, Native Instruments, Orange, Robeco Bank, Tele2, Saturn, Born Digital, Short Stay Group, ING bank, Autorai, IDtv, Boompje.

Mischa is also a seasoned veteran on the turntables, which he regularly displays in both clubs and festivals worldwide, often supported visually by Dutch VJ pioneers E202 Musicvisualisers. Since 2009 Mav also runs a monthly online drum&bass show called Scientific Radio on the Bassdrive radio station (, every 1st monday of the month, 23:00-01:00 CET.

Mav’s tracks have received worldwide DJ support from a variety of radio shows and DJ’s in the international drum&bass scene, including Pendulum, Noisia, LTJ Bukem, Doc Scott, S.P.Y, Concord Dawn, Seba, Jade, Chris.Su, ASC, Black Sun Empire, Crissy Criss, London Elektricity, Flight, A-Sides, Drumsound & Simon ‘Bassline’ Smith, Cause4Concern, DJ SS, John B, Electrosoul System, Naibu, Bop, Bungle, Future Engineers, Sunchase and many more.

MOBILITY - Biography

The roots of Mobility can be found in Amsterdam in the Netherlands during 2002, when roommates Kom'ah and VRG, upon finding similarities in their taste in music, decided to collaborate on a few tracks. While the lads had quite a different musical background (Kom'ah as an established producer in the, at that time, very active tracker scene, VRG as an active instrumentalist with knowledge of music theory), they were able to combine the two strengths into some very fresh and interesting material, partially influenced by the atmospheric sounds released by LTJ Bukem (GLR) and Blame (720 Degrees). The fruits of their labour got noticed and rewarded with a 12" release (Mobile/Leviathan, PUR 007, 2002) on the long gone Dutch drum 'n bass label Purified Audio. After moving out of their apartment in 2003-2004, the former roommates had undertaken some attempts upon salvaging their collaboration, but after losing drum 'n bass as their common ground it got shelved indefinitely. Both of them grew disillusioned with a scene which, in their eyes, was growing a bit stale and predictable.

Fast forward to 2009 when long time friend and apt drum 'n bass devourer/spinner Vine passed VRG a DJ set by dnb guru Doc Scott. While cruising through this set, containing tracks by up and coming artists like Alix Perez, Jubei, Subwave and Autonomic flag bearers dBridge and Instra:Mental, he couldn't believe all the fresh sounds he was hearing. He liked it so much even, that it ignited a renewed passion for dnb. Together, VRG and Vine started picking up new vinyl and decided to polish up their mixing abilities. After some thought, they decided to revive the name Mobility and operate as a DJ duo.

Their very melodic style of mixing and thorough track selection didn't go unnoticed. In 2010, Mobility landed a job as hosts of a monthly radio show at Dutch local station Radio Aalsmeer. While hosting their show "170 Feel", they got a call from long time friend Mav, asking them to do a guest mix for "Scientific Radio" on Bassdrive. After a lukewarm response to their set, two other guest appearances followed until Mav asked the two lads to join Scientific Radio on a permanent basis. Naturally, they didn't have to think for very long. After almost two and a half years of hosting "170 Feel", they switched to Bassdrive where they now share hosting duties with the mighty Mav on Scientific Radio.

From a historical point of view, it's no surprise that it would only be a matter of time until Mobility would try another hand at producing as well. The first track to see the light was a piece called "Fully Interlocking", which features Utrecht based singer Dana on vocals. Along with some help from befriended producers (Easily Embarrassed) they were able to finish the track which will see a release on Mav's label Scientific Records in 2014.

All 'n all, the future looks bright for Mobility enjoying their time on Bassdrive and more of their own tracks obviously on the way in the near future. You can catch them bimonthly as they switch turns with Mav hosting Scientific Radio.