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Please use this form to contact us regarding potential new radio show opportunities, track submissions for airplay, BassdriveTunes demos, and inquiries about merchandise purchases.

To apply for a show with us at Bassdrive, make sure you include a brief synopsis of your proposed show and information about yourself.  You will also need to include a link to a 1-hour Bassdrive-specific demo show, complete with presentation as if you were on Bassdrive radio.

Track submissions for airplay should be accompanied with a download link, release date and information about the artist and label.  

Bassdrive does not directly accept mixes for airplay and only broadcasts content from its staff members and content providers.

BassdriveTunes demos should be submitted with a download link and links to any social media page.

For inquiries about webshop/merchandise, please include your order number or transaction ID.

BassdriveBookings inquiries should be submitted using the form found on the Bookings page