In the Mix with Colony

In the Mix with Colony


  • Location: Portsmouth, UK
  • Show Time: Tuesday
  • Start: 13:00
  • End: 15:00

Colony jumped onto the music scene back in 2005 as an events promoter in South of the UK.

Their journey began with a deep passion for music, which led them to organize Drum and Bass events in the city of Portsmouth.  These events set the stage for Colony's musical career.

Performing under various DJ aliases, including the notable "Pointfour," Colony's exceptional mixing skills quickly garnered recognition. They shone brightly in high-profile mixing competitions, securing victories in prestigious contests such as the Drum and Bass Arena and Ram Records mix competitions.

In 2016 Colony and some close friends put together Content Audio. A record label focusing on the deeper darker side of liquid drum and bass. They wanted the label to stand out so focused on the more unusual sounds that crept onto the scene during that time.

In 2021, Colony made a triumphant return, releasing an impressive catalog of around 15 tracks across diverse labels. This prolific output cemented their status in the Drum and Bass scene.

Now, Colony invites you to embark on an audio voyage on their radio show, "In the Mix with Colony." Each episode is a meticulously curated journey through tracks that embody the unique and captivating Colony sound.  Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of melody, bass and electronic magic. Tune in for an experience that will leave you craving more.