Jamdown Sessions

Jamdown Sessions


  • Location: Portsmouth, UK
  • Show Time: Wednesday
  • Start: 06:00
  • End: 08:00

Jamm:n started DJn in 1990 playing breakbeat, he managed one of the South of the UKs leading underground record shops 'Movement Records' alongside hardcore Djs Ramos and VinylGroover..

At that time he was playing Jungle Techno which was the beginnings and roots of DnB, he was the only active DnB DJ on the South Coast supporting the likes of Randall, Hype, Kenny Ken, Fabio, Grooverider, Doc Scott, Bukem etc most weekends all over the UK and Europe.

Around 94 he started to produce and play a hybrid sound of hardcore that was infused with Jungle breaks that see him delve into the which was the prominent hardcore scene and supported the likes of Carl Cox, Slipmatt, Seduction, Sy,  Hixxy, Clarkee, Dougal, Druid etc and played for most of the main events: Stern's, Fusion, Adrenalin, Evolution, Helter Skelter, Bagley's, Fantazia and variois festival's all over the UK.

After a long break away from the artist side of things, he's returned picking up the gauntlet once more with an array of releases now with the legendary DJ and Producer LYNX from Detail Recordings. They are churning out a very welcomed sound that you can tell has definately been infused with both of these guys styles and as a result getting huge support from the scene's heavyweighs with tracks scheduled to be released on multiple labels over the coming months..